AntiGravity Rope Access provides a variety of general and specialised works in the construction, industrial, marine and commercial industries. These include but are not limited to:

  • Confined Space works including Confined Space Standby Rescue with BA.
  • Asset Inspections.
  • Safety Netting installation.
  • Anchor installations and system inspections – Fall Arrest & Rope Access.
  • Building and Roof repairs – Including leak detection and repairs.
  • Painting
  • Project Management Solutions and Emergency Services.
  • Signage installs and removals
  • Radar Structure inspections and reporting

Our project solutions are safe, cost-effective, innovative, and adaptive to your circumstances.

Our setups and set downs are quick and unintrusive to the surrounding work environment and are easily managed by our technicians.


AntiGravity Rope Access provides professional and practical solutions when working at height using multiple disciplines of rope access in difficult to access and or dangerous spaces. Working safely, with quick turnaround times and cost-effective solutions incorporating a broad range of trades, technical skills, and experience.

Maintenance works are one of our core service skills that we provide for clients.

This service varies in assets from stadiums to commercial and residential buildings, industrial sites with their varied and complex requirements for maintenance and safety, jetties and wharf structures, silos, refineries, ships, and several other situations and sites.


Painting is considered maintenance and in and of itself it is a unique skill especially when carried out on ropes as we do. We are experienced in the industrial and commercial arenas as well as over water. Painting maintains the integrity of your assets and is a preventative measure. With the correct planning and prep work, this service will ensure peace of mind over the long-term life span of your asset.


Inspections require a level of knowledge and experience to achieve the outcomes set by the client.

To this end, we provide technicians suitably qualified to conduct these inspections and then provide reporting as a basis for carrying out repairs and maintenance to preserve your asset.

These inspections come in the form of:

  • Height Safety Systems
  • NDT
  • Concrete spalling and crack inspection
  • Leak investigations
  • Asset management inspections
  • Structural integrity inspections

Height Safety

  • Height Safety System Design – Site specific.
  • Height Safety System installation and certification.
  • Height Safety System inspection, testing and certification.

Height Safety is an integral component ensuring the continued safety of personnel working on your asset. Safe, Compliant Systems allow for peace of mind while your asset is serviced and maintained and protects the integrity of your business.

Systems designs cover Rope Access, Fall Arrest, Fall Restraint, Platforms, Ladders, Walkways and Handrails. System can also be permanent or temporary.